Amanda Perea

Amanda Perea
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
271 North Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210
License: 0294999

Amanda Perea began her career in real estate in the summer of 2022 with no plan B other than to give her new career every ounce of ambition and attentiveness she has. Her appreciation for architecture meshed with her motivation for a self-reliant business made the perfect combination for her start in real estate.

One of Amanda’s most proud accomplishments was attending a performing arts school as a dancer which has shaped her to be the hardworking agent she is today. Her experience in retail services has shown her the importance of having knowledge on inventory. Amanda spends a great amount of her time researching the market in Los Angeles to ensure she caters to her clients’ every needs. When work and leisure become balanced in Amanda’s life is when she gets to kick back with reading self-improvement books, learn new languages and stay active. Amanda takes inspiration from the quote, “If it’s not right, don’t do it. If it’s not true, don’t say it. Let your intention be.” - Marcus Aurelius.